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What We Do

We show young people there is a better way to lead their life - Our key areas of focus at Jigsaw are:

Youth Crime & Violence


Personal Development

Early Intervention



People Identified as at Risk

Mental Health

All Forms of Abuse



One to One Mentoring

We work alongside Local Authorities and wide network of professionals to provide Bespoke Mentoring, Jigsaw’s mentoring offer is Pan London and allows people the opportunity to access both 1-1 mentoring ,peer mentoring and counselling sessions are normally delivered in our wellbeing centre but we do also visit schools, community centres homes and the wider community. Our service is open to everyone not just targeted cohorts . Whether people are just in need of surface level support, are NEET, Care Leavers or just generally not engaged, we offer solutions that kick start journeys towards their aspirations, personal development , confidence, understanding and important life adjustments and changes.

One to one mentoring

Peer Mentoring

Our peer mentors are all fully qualified to deliver small group sessions around friendships, self-awareness, bullying, online safety and navigating life through school. Our Peer mentors are from the ages of 14 – 23. Some of our peer mentors also do 1-2-1 support, and they have gone through extensive training and support to be able to off structured support mentoring their peers. The peer mentoring programme has been very successful due to the collaboration between our Mentors and the Peer Mentors. Peer mentoring brings a new element to the support as they were once in similar situations, and their understanding brings a unique view and perspective to the mentee. As we know, young people learn from young people in many areas, schools and parents may try, but some things will not connect for the young person. A block may even be that they feel alone or less likely to want to come to an adult, but hearing from another young person in a positive situation can make all the difference.

Peer Mentoring

Reflective Practice

Reflective support is a process that enhances growth and increases skills in a professional setting. The goal of the sessions is to support professional issues and experiences at work in a structured way that is positive and productive while challenging their own practice and developing accountability and ways to move forward. This can lead to healthier communication within your company and more enthusiastic and motivated staff, It can develop their creativity and innovation skills as well as improved outcomes within their professional role.

Reflective Practice

Life Coaching

Life coaching is a form of support that focuses on helping someone create goals and develop the steps to achieving their goal with support and accountability. Within Jigsaw-GC, we support parents within this approach if there are things within their life they would like to work on and achieve.  We also use this approach with our young Adults who are trying to navigate their next steps. Although the transition from teen to young adult can be overwhelming, life coaching can be fundamental in giving them the tools to guide them through this process.

Life Coaching

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